A Furry Christmas on the West Coast

Ok Canada.

Time to laugh and laugh and laugh at people from BC, yet again…

A new Ipsos Reid poll reveals that six-in-ten (61%) pet owners in British Columbia plan to buy (or have already bought) a present for one or more of their pets this holiday season. This includes 68% of dog owners, 61% of cat owners and 54% of other pet owners (e.g. fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters). Women pet owners (65%) are more likely than men (53%) to say they plan to buy a gift for their pet. Full story here

The Ipsos story has more facts about the kinds of things pet owners buy. My favourite is “13% of pet owners plan to make their pet a special holiday dinner.”

Now I’ll admit that our family is a little abnormal, we don’t go crazy with presents at Christmas, so Ozzie the Cat, cute as he is, is getting nada from St. Nick.

This is a bit of a drag.

Being a west coast cat, he’d really like a new Prius to sit on.


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