Google no longer has CBC in technical difficulties

A couple of days ago I posted a screen grab from a Google search, where CBC.CA’s subhead was “Experiencing Technical Difficulties”. 

On the 30th Jason MacDonald from CBC’s PR department commented:

I suspect that this is showing up on Google because we were down for about 4-1/2 hours on Monday. It should disappear once Google crawls us again (hopefully today or tomorrow).

Today, the 31st, Google’s got it back to normal.

cbc ok

Another good reason to by a 3,000 $ laptop

While strolling through a local electronics shop, I noticed that they had a new Mac hooked up to a projector and a big screen.

There was a lineup of people jostling to get in front of the machine.
But they weren’t lining up to try out the hot new Mac w/Intel chip.

They were lining up to play with Photo Booth’s crazy image mangler.

Nothing sells computers better. This effect is called Twirl.

Great for the kids who could spend all day playing with Twirl on my new MacBook Pro.

However, a far more realistic effect I’ve discovered is this one.

It’s called Bald, and wow is it ever realistic.

Look at this!


Former Guess Who Front Man Does Dauphin

Wow. In their heyday, the Guess Who would barely look out the window as they flew over Dauphin. Even in their less-than-heydays, they’d barely slowdown. Mind you, former Guess Who guitarist Kurt Winter (now deceased) was from Dauphin, and we used to see him up there occasionally.

But this is big news.  Burton Cummings, the man who fronted the Guess Who when their 60’s hits kept the Beatles from hitting Number 1 on the Billboard charts, the very same Burton Cummings, is opening the new Credit Union Place in Dauphin.

He doesn’t own it or anything – he’s just opening it.

Holy Moly. 

burt cummings opens the mall

That picture of Burt has got to be 30 years old. It might even be at one of those shows the Guess Who did at Rainbow Stage in Winnipeg. That was me in row 12 going ‘wooowoo’.

And check out this pricing.  “Default, Hedley and Guests” are 40 bucks, and one of the biggest names in rock history is only 60 bucks.  More Dauphin bargains for you. I kinda doubt he hauls out the white grand piano for 60 buck-a-head gigs (tax and service charges included!).

I wonder if Burt’ll make an appearance at my old station CKDM (now thoroughly country I believe).  What d’ya think Bruce? I’ll bet there’ll be more than a few 50-something babes cruising the stage door at the Credit Union Place after this gig. 

I’ve met Burt exactly twice.

Once at his ‘after’ party when he was the host of the Juno Awards.  The Toronto cops showed up at the party suite after some idiot called them because he dropped his wallet in the toilet. Toronto’s finest spent a few minutes at the door talking with Tiny (“nothing going on here officers”) then left after someone fished the billfold out of the john.

The second time was in Vancouver when he was a guest on Coast to Coast, a radio show I produced for CBC. He was totally charming.

So Burt, have a great show in my old home town, and do let me know what a Credit Union Place is, exactly.

Author Nathan Sellyn

We’re starting up the new season of podcasts for Raincoast Books with an amazing new young writer named Nathan Sellyn.

He’s still in his 20’s and creates characters that are gritty, flawed, and ever so real. Nathan’s first book is a collection of stories called Indigenous Beasts.  One of the benefits of doing the podcasts with Raincoast is that I get advance copies of the books, and this one I couldn’t put down.

We’ve got a short preview podcast out now, and a full length interview coming next week.

Subscribe to the podcast at

You can also get it for free at the iTunes store, just search ‘Raincoast’.

The book is also for sale at Chapters.Indigo and Amazon.

Work Life Balance

I’ve been reading quite a bit about work/life balance lately.

It seems to be a hot topic.

So I decided I should track my day (today).

It turned out like this.

work life balance chart

I could certainly use some more thinking time, but all in all, no complaints.

More important than your taxes

Forget about getting that T1 completed.  This is way more important:

“The deadline for VIDFEST submissions is coming up fast. Don’t miss your chance to submit or let other talented creators know about the Festival. All entries must be postmarked on or before March 31, 2006. The 3rd annual Vancouver International Digital Festival is looking for the best in digital film and interactive design. With a growing reputation for bringing independent producers together with big-name digital entertainment media companies like EA, Nokia, ABC, Warner and Disney, VIDFEST is a premium venue to show off your digital deftness. The festival is the biggest digital content event in Canada. We invite submissions in two areas, DIGITAL FILM and INTERACTIVE DESIGN” 

For more and how to enter see the VIDFEST call for entires page.  Deadline is 31 March 2006. 

Cats and Studios


What happens when the cat decides to eat the script in the middle of a voice over.

Sequence of events:

– I’m reading an extro
– Ozzie (cat) attacks script
– I attempt to issue command to cat (a mistake)
– I resort to chasing cat (also a mistake)
– I bump mic (another mistake)
– Ozzie complains (who can blame him)
– I show him the door

Listen to the podcast

no cats were harmed in the making of this podcast


New podcasts for Leading Edge BC

We’ve just completed some new podcasts for Leading Edge BC. These feature business and industry leaders who’ve relocated to British Columbia.

Guests include:

Glenn Entis, the Senior Vice President and Chief Visual and Technical officer for Electronic Arts Worldwide.

Dylan Collins, CEO of DemonWare. They’re based in Dublin Ireland and create middleware for networking ingame players on all platforms.  Do check out these pictures of the DemonWare crew on Flikr (Dylan is in the back)

Very interesting stories and sure makes you realize how lucky we are to be in British Columbia. Leading Edge BC does an amazing job making it easier for companies to settle here – not to mention providing tons of resources in person and online.

You can get the podcasts at

If you want the cool enhanced version for your iPod, and you’ve got iTunes already installed, follow this link to launch – or do it the old fashioned way and search Leading Edge BC at iTunes.

Leading Edge BC Podcasts


MBP working


The MBP has been earning its keep this weekend.

It’s really great I can plug in to my 1900 plus px Sony screen and the Mac just take it on without a 2nd thought.

I was also impressed by the way it mounts things like cameras and portable drives without a hiccup.