New podcasts for Leading Edge BC

We’ve just completed some new podcasts for Leading Edge BC. These feature business and industry leaders who’ve relocated to British Columbia.

Guests include:

Glenn Entis, the Senior Vice President and Chief Visual and Technical officer for Electronic Arts Worldwide.

Dylan Collins, CEO of DemonWare. They’re based in Dublin Ireland and create middleware for networking ingame players on all platforms.  Do check out these pictures of the DemonWare crew on Flikr (Dylan is in the back)

Very interesting stories and sure makes you realize how lucky we are to be in British Columbia. Leading Edge BC does an amazing job making it easier for companies to settle here – not to mention providing tons of resources in person and online.

You can get the podcasts at

If you want the cool enhanced version for your iPod, and you’ve got iTunes already installed, follow this link to launch – or do it the old fashioned way and search Leading Edge BC at iTunes.

Leading Edge BC Podcasts


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