High Risk Holiday Time



The world is consumed by the holiday spirit.

Hey, lets be careful out there.


Stranded in the snowy California woods for three days after losing their way while searching for a Christmas tree, a father and his three children fashioned a “Help” sign out of twigs on a nearby unpaved road, according to the helicopter pilots who found them. > more

Rio De Janeiro:

Authorities say a helicopter carrying a Santa Claus to distribute gifts at a Christmas party came under fire when it flew over a Rio shantytown. Two rifle shots hit the chopper in Sunday’s incident.
Police Insp. Aldari Vianna says no one was hurt and the aircraft returned safely to base. He says gang members apparently mistook the aircraft for a police helicopter. > more


The state prosecutor for serious economic crimes charged the Christmas Tree Growers Association with anticompetitive price fixing and said he would bring the growers to court in the spring. > more

Spokane Washington:

A man dressed as Santa Claus was knocked unconscious by a thrown object that hit his face while he was riding on the back of a truck decorated as a sleigh. Kevin Smith says he never saw what hit him Saturday. Whatever it was, it broke his nose and gave him a concussion and two black eyes. > more

Hope Santa’s checking his insurance, twice.

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