North Sails transformation

Madsu’s like a completely new sailboat. Dave Miller at North Sails Vancouver loft set me up with a perfectly cut, new 150% foresail. I couldn’t believe the difference when I hoisted and trimmed. The boat took off, and is way better balanced now. 5+ knots in a light breeze, no problem today. Oh yeah, this … Continue reading North Sails transformation

Another Crappy Day in Paradise

On board Madsu on a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon in Howe Sound heading out to the Straight of Georgia. We’re beating to windward doing about 5 knots and heeled about 12 degrees. Britannia is outbound from Squamish to Vancouver. The foredeck was packed with young girls yelling hello. In the foreground, clamped to my … Continue reading Another Crappy Day in Paradise