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The Edit Chair


I love the fact that while I work away in my high-tech-gear-jammed edit suite, the chair I’m sitting in dates back well over a hundred years.

It was one of many in my grandmother’s home – it survived the great depression and a Manitoba tornado that destroyed the house.

There’s nothing high-tech about this chair, and that’s its charm.  It serves as a quiet reminder of my heritage each and every day.



HSBC not interested in small businesses in Canada

Interesting.  I’ve been an HSBC business customer for 10 years, and was surprised to find out that they are no longer interested in small businesses in Canada.  Their new focus, I was told on the phone, is international businesses with sales over 3 million dollars.

So, while they’ve graciously ‘grandfathered’ my business account, I can’t start any new services with them.  I had called to open a US chequeing account, because – hmmm – my business is doing well and I am hiring the occasional US consultant.

Truth be told I’ve been very happy with them as a bank – my local branch is terrific.  I guess it’s time to go shopping for someone who is more interested in my business.  If you’ve got any favourites, let me know in the comments.


Fabulous Fun Fund Raiser

You never quite know who'll show up at your table - Gina Bastone's marvelous masks

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce held its annual Governors’ Gala and fund- raiser last night at the Pinnacle Hotel.

It was a sold-out event, and raised over 70-thousand dollars for North Vancouver’s Presentation House Theatre.

Despite the odd people at my table (see photo above) it was a great time, and so nice to see such support for Presentation House and its new artistic director Kim Selody.

MC  Vicki Gabereau  made a point of reminding everyone that along with giving generously, the most important way to support live theatre is to attend a performance.



Queen of Cowichan

There weren’t a lot of other sailboats out today – probably because of the weather.

I wouldn’t exactly call it rain – not wet enough for that – just a wee drizzle through the day.

So I pretty much had Howe Sound to myself, other than the ubiquitous BC Ferries.

Local Pow

The cold snap enveloping most of Western Canada has some great benefits for those of us who ride and ski the local Vancouver mountains.

Much needed snow has dumped on Mt. Seymour, Grouse Mountain, and Cypress Mountain providing the best conditions we’ve had since early in the season.  (I still ride Cypress by choice, but Grouse clearly has the best website, and my kids prefer it).

Oldest son and I spent some quality time together on Cypress earlier this week where I discovered that dad can’t quite keep up with a lanky 17 year old.

We had one interesting ‘media’ moment – waiting in line for the lift, just looking around, I spotted at least 5 GoPro cameras mounted on helmets.   I had mine mounted to the front of my board, but was also shooting with a Drift HD hand-held – the photo above is a still from that footage.

If you’re in Canada and are looking for one, check out Launch Helmet Cams based in North Vancouver – they’ll get it out to you quick, have great prices, and superb after sales service.

December Sunshine

The view astern as we head into the marina after an afternoon’s sailing in Howe Sound.

December is offering up some glorious weather which means that I’ve been able to get some great photos and video footage for a couple of my clients AND some lovely days on the water.

Since I’m keeping Madsu in the water this winter, I’m looking forward to some double-deluxe days when I snowboard Cypress Mountain (overlooking Howe Sound) in the morning then spend the afternoon sailing in Howe Sound.