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What the Snowboard Sees

This is a still capture from video shot with a GoPro Hero2 mounted on the front deck of my board.

The video is jittery in anything but deep powder (when the camera is usually buried).  But I like the effect and am always surprised at the stills I can pull out of the footage.

We had a lovely morning on Cypress Mountain today – as you can see there was hardly anyone around all morning.

These Boots are Made for Riding

After our annual pilgrimage to Second Wave on Lonsdale, we’re geared up for another year of snowboarding. Truth be told, we’ve been by the store quite a few times in the last month…

As always, we got some great advice & great prices from the guys there – nothing beats having real boarders help you get geared up.  I’m pretty excited about my new Cartel bindings and youngest son is sporting a new pair of Custom bindings to go with his new Clash board.  The new board and bindings are a treat – he usually ends up with his older brother’s hand-me-downs. This year both he and I got some new-to-us hand-me-down boots courtesy oldest son’s (still) growing feet.

Now – about the snow.

After a great start things seem to have gone into stasis – not that I’ve got any big complaints about the blue sky.  But a couple of days of heavy snow on the local mountains would make us all smile – and get those boots off laundry room shelf and strapped to a board where they belong.