The Edit Chair


I love the fact that while I work away in my high-tech-gear-jammed edit suite, the chair I’m sitting in dates back well over a hundred years.

It was one of many in my grandmother’s home – it survived the great depression and a Manitoba tornado that destroyed the house.

There’s nothing high-tech about this chair, and that’s its charm.  It serves as a quiet reminder of my heritage each and every day.



2 thoughts on “The Edit Chair”

  1. I might of sat in that very chair you are talking about on a visit to St Adolphe as a child with with my buddy Robert and his family. I remember eating crepes for the first time ever. Very fond memory. Take care and happy birthday in 8 days!!

    1. I remember that visit well – it was en even smaller village – Aubigny which isn’t far from St. Adolphe. My grandfather insisted on called Randy “Andrew” for some reason – it was pretty funny. Thanks for the reminder pal!

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