BBC Job Cuts

On again, off again job cuts at British Broadcasting Corporation appear to be on again. And they could spark strikes.

The BBC is braced for its worst industrial action in a decade as management prepares to axe up to 2,800 posts to save £2 billion.

The 12pc cut, which was not denied yesterday by the BBC, has come as a shock to the work force

Strike action appeared inevitable last night as unions digested the impact of proposed cuts of up to 12 per cent of the 23,000-strong work force.

full story here

Paris in the Spring Time

Dogs for Sale

In 1977 I sold my 1966 Mustang for just enough money to buy a plane ticket to Paris. My high-school sweetheart K was working there as an au pair, and the trip from Calgary to Paris was my attempt to lure her back.

It didn’t work by the way.

However, it was April in Paris. I was 21. I was in love. Did I mention it was Paris in April ? Perfect. Well, with the small exception that K was more interested in, well, pretty much everyone else.

Still, it’s what Paris is about, isn’t it ? Unrequited love in a city of beautiful people who seem to be in no hurry to do anything but talk, smoke, drink coffee and embrace.

Like I said, perfect.

I had (and still have) a Canon F1 film camera, and I shot slides and some negative stock while I was there. The light was incredible
almost every time we went out, and the city made up (well, almost) for any heart ache I was suffering.

It’s true that almost every 2nd frame is a shot of K (standing in front of a fountain, waiting for a train, outside the Louvre, ironing…) but all these years later I’ve started scanning the other half of the slides and am enjoying the discoveries.

It was an important time in my life. I was young, I had my first really big job (running a newsroom in Calgary) and I was still naïve enough to believe that if I flew to Paris the woman I pined for would change her mind. All in all, perfect.

I’ll be adding the scans slowly to my Flickr Paris 1977 page, and your comments are welcome.

Any Club That Would Have Me as a Member…

Oh No.

I’m so ordinary.

At least according to the latest research from Ipsos.

nearly four-in-ten Internet-enabled adults in Canada (37%) have visited an online social network or online social community and three-in-ten (29%) have placed a profile on at least one such site.

But it gets worse. I’m not even a ‘cool old guy’. There are cool old guys and gals everywhere…

…three-in-ten 35 to 54 year olds (29%) have visited such a site and one-in-five (21%) have placed a personal profile on one. One-in-five Canadians aged 55 and older (20%) have visited an online social network or community and one-in-ten (9%) have placed a personal profile on one.

OMG. This is the equivalent to wearing penny loafers in the 70’s, isn’t it ?

Read more, and weep, on the Ispsos site.

Track Your Friends' Web Habits

I can barely keep track of my own browsing history, but soon I’ll be able to track all my friends’ with FriendFeed…

FriendFeed allows users to see what their friends are reading, listening to or viewing on the Web as a continuous stream of notifications. This stream can appear on a personal Web page or in a module on the user’s customized page on Facebook or Google. The system does not require the installation of software, but it does require the friends to choose to participate.

full story here

An invite only beta starts on Monday. Someone invite me, k ?

Rights Cleared ? Maybe not

In interesting story for anyone using someone else’s images for publication:

A Texan family is now suing Virgin Mobile for using a photo of their daughter, Alison Chang, in an ad campaign – the catch is, it was released by the photographer on Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution license, and that’s where Virgin Mobile got the photo from. The problem is, the girl featured in the photo had no idea her photo was being used – or that it was released under the Creative Commons license.

Full story here

What Every Yachter Needs

Sometimes a yacht just isn’t enough.

Yacht sales have increased 10 percent to 15 percent a year in the last few years, and this year was no exception. Since everyone who is anyone has to have a yacht, and increasingly does, what buyers want most now, naturally, are accessories: minisubmarines and helicopters.

Read the whole story at the International Herald Tribune, with some awesome photos.

Pictured above is the U-BoatWorx Submersible, photo courtesy U-BoatWorx

Chris Mizzoni's Clancy With the Puck Podcast

Our latest podcast for Raincoast Books is with Chris Mizzoni. He’s an illustrator at Studio B Productions here in Vancouver and he wrote a lovely hockey story called Clancy with the Puck.

Chris is a graduate of Sheridan College.

The Raincoast podcast RSS feed is or if you’ve got iTunes installed, here’s the direct link to the Raincoast feed there.

Oh, and try saying Clancy With the Puck Podcast really fast 3 times…

Nikon D300 – 2k Canadian $

Vistek is taking pre-orders. The price for the body is 2099.00 Canadian.

Rugged magnesium-alloy construction, advanced dust and moisture protection and a durable shutter mechanism tested to 150,000 cycles make the D300 a perfect choice for photographers who demand high performance and handling agility

Let’s see, I’ve got a birthday coming in December along with Christmas….hmmm….

What's Wrong with Old Media

photo by
photo by violet blue

San Francisco based columnist and blogger Violet Blue is sharing her recent experience as an “expert guest” on the Tyra Banks TV show.

It’s a pitch perfect picture of what’s wrong with old-media, starting with their insisting VB cover her tattoos.

When I was about to go onstage in front of the studio audience, a staff member presented me with a list of pre-planned questions they’d had all along.

The answers to all of those questions — my answers — were also included. The staff member who had me review them confessed to having cut and pasted the responses from my Oprah article. I said, “I know. I can recognize my own writing.”

Read Violet Blue’s full post with pics and vid here.

If you’re thinking this is an anomaly, don’t.