Five Things I Like

If this is Tuesday, it must be time for Five Things I Like.

1. My Current Spam Filtering.
The lengths I’m going to in order to avoid dealing with spam remind me of the advice my Dad gave me on avoiding teen pregnancy:

• Put the condom on before you leave on a date.
• Make sure your date is on the pill,
• And never, ever, have sex.

Dad would appreciate my current precautions. Loc’s running spam filtering on the mail server, which is doing a lot to catch the first layer. Office 2003’s version of Outlook filters out a good slice of junk, and I continue to run SpamBayes which catches the stuff the first two didn’t. What I like is that, regardless of how ridiculous it seems, it works.

2. Technology Leapfroging.
New Zealand is going to an all VoIP phone system. Sitting back watching the other guys can pay off – the entire country will be VoIPed by 2012, according to Telecom. What I like is when a little country leapfrogs the rest of us.

3. My VoIP Phone.
I know there are free alternatives, but for business purposes, Vonage Canada has been the right answer for me. What I like is the web interface to every feature, from call forwarding to being able to retrieve mp3’s of my voice mail.

4. Don Tapscott’s Blog.
If you haven’t yet had a chance to see it, make sure you catch Don Tapscott’s blog at . Super insightful and an interesting take on corporate culture; you’re going to be naked, you better be buff. What I particularly like his retelling of a recent Toronto radio experience.


5. Maybe It Just Feels Like 3 Weeks.
I promised I wasn’t going to say anything more about the CBC lockout until something happened. Today the two sides decided to get back to the table – which is good of course. This on the heels of an article in the Globe yesterday that cites a study showing Canadians aren’t too concerned about the lockout. What I like is the Globe’s math.

globe screen grab

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