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Windows On Mac With VM Fusion 1.0

I’m really liking VM Ware’s Fusion. I got the download from the Apple web site and despite having to re-authenticate Windows by talking to a MicroSoft computer for a few minutes, this really really rocks. I’d been running Windows on the iMac using BootCamp, but now we no longer have to reboot, and Fusion seems pretty solid so far. Click the thumbnail for a larger shot.


The installation was painless. What I really liked was that I could use my existing BootCamp partition – though you can install Windows clean if you want.

Nice job VMWare. This really makes my next desktop purchase a no brainer. I’ve been hanging on to a PC desktop because there are a couple of apps I depend upon that only run on windows, and a couple of B to B sites that only run on IE. Now, I can buy that new Mac I’ve been thinking about for my next desktop machine and still be able to access what I need on the Windows side, without having to reboot. I realize this is also possible with Parellels but I’d opted for the BootCamp route originally.