CBC International Sales Deal Gets Scrutiny

Back in December I blogged on an item that seemed to slip by almost unnoticed.

Today, the Globe and Mail took notice:

The CBC’s low-profile pre-Christmas sale of its taxpayer-funded international sales catalogue to a foreign buyer is drawing the ire of some of the biggest guns in Canadian television, who question why homegrown distributors weren’t invited to bid.

Even some members of the CBC board of directors privately complain they weren’t properly informed of the sale of a significant chunk of the public corporation’s international sales arm last month to Britain-based ContentFilm for an undisclosed sum.

Things get even more interesting further into the story.  The UK owners of ContentFilm have since sold the company to a Canadian based firm, a firm that recently employed a high level exec at CBC.

Looks like the CBC’s new president will have a few things to stick handle.