4 thoughts on “Canucks and Islanders”

  1. Hi Robert – turns out the 4 of us are going to the Canucks/Sharks game in San Jose on Thursday – $17 a ticket (nosebleeds of course) but a fraction of the cost of the cheapest GM Place ticket. K

  2. Its funny what the value of things are depending on if you are a rabid fan or casual spectator.

    I see tickets to the Sacremento basketball game go from $10 – $965!

    Now that’s steep to a hockey fan 😉

  3. for what its worth – the Canucks games at home are worth every penny and more – here’s a dad & lad’s dream night out:
    – drive downtown
    – go to White Spot for dinner
    – go to GM place
    – get lots of popcorn and pop
    – cheer & boo as required
    – chant as required
    – oooh and aaaaah as required
    – try to catch gifts dropped by flying orca
    – repeat most of the above until exhausted

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