Stay Out of Park Truck Hit By Falling Tree in Park

I smell irony…

All day yesterday and today, media outlets in Vancouver were helping the Parks Board get its message out about the danger of falling trees in our world-famous Stanley Park. The parks board web site makes the situation pretty clear:

Stanley Park Remains Closed Today. Public Advised to Stay Out of the Park

January 10, 2007 (No. 2) – The Park Board is reporting that, in the interest of public safety, Stanley Park will remain closed today following an assessment of hazardous trees along roadways. The park was closed yesterday after being hit by gale-force winds late in the afternoon. Further remedial work is required to make the roads in the park safe for travel. There is still concern that snags, leaning trees and large branches that are hung up in the treetops may come down.

So, Canada’s Public Broadcaster, the CBC, sends in a satellite truck to do a TV piece from the park. According to the CBC blog, the truck managed to gather some primary sources it wasn’t counting on. It was nailed by a huge falling tree, trashing the satellite uplink and microwave. The truck may well be a write off.

I guess that means…no pictures at 11.