Yahoo and Reuters and Your Pictures

Looks like Yahoo and Reuters are getting into the ‘citizen journalism’ game – though we’ll have to wait and see what this actually turns into.

via The Register

Yahoo! and Reuters are creating a website to collect video and photos taken by readers.
The site is called You Witness and will be available from tomorrow here.

Initially, the service will provide stills and video media for the Yahoo! website, but from early next year the content will be offered to other Reuters customers. Yahoo! is still deciding how punters will be paid if their photos are sold on. Most existing services split the proceeds 50:50.

"Extreme Job" or Just a Workaholic ?

Our recent panel discussion on Work-Life balance sparked a lot of interesting discussion. This story in the Christian Science Monitor looks at what they call Extreme Jobs

Although workaholics have always existed, their image has been glamorized. Today’s overachievers are cast as “road warriors and masters of the universe,” says Sylvia Ann Hewlett, president of the Center for Work-Life Policy in New York. Yet despite their impressive financial rewards, those burning this midnight oil face challenges. Warning that their pace is not sustainable, Dr. Hewlett says, “There’s a lot of risk attached. The fallout in private lives is huge.” In addition, women are being left behind because many cannot put in 70-hour weeks.