Weed Seeking Robot

My friend Keith Gardiner spotted this weed-seeking robot in Engadget today:

weed eating machine

According to the Engadget blurb

A team of scientists at the University of Illinois have developed a robot that searches for weeds, chops them off, and then sprays herbicide all over the weed stump. The as-yet unnamed robot (which we’ll be calling the weedinator for the time being) packs a Windows box with a 80GB hard drive (including WiFi), stands at about two feet tall, is a little over two feet wide and is nearly five feet long.

Which begs the question…do you think I could get a research grant for my brilliant idea for transforming my 2500 psi power washer into a weed eater ? 

School Board Wants To Sell Wooded Lot Next to School

Our local North Vancouver school board (district 44) is proposing selling a number of parcels of land adjacent to schools. One of them is a lovely wooded area next to Cleveland school. Our kids and their friends love to play in the woods next to the school, it is an amazing thing to have nature right outside the door, and it would be a travesty to see the land sold for development.

To help make sure everyone’s voice is heard, I’ve set up a blog at blog.ambleside.com. The process from initial discussion to eventual sale should provide everyone with a chance to have their voices heard. Kids deserve more than concrete and gravel areas for playgrounds.

cleveland school blog

If you ever attended Cleveland and remember playing in the woods please add your voice to those concerned about seeing this natural amenity disappear.