More BBC Archive content coming Monday

BBC plans to put more content online on Monday (Feb 27) as part of their Creative Archive Project. Speaking in Seattle today at the Integrated Media Association conference, BBC’s Creative Archive project director Paul Gerhardt walked through plans for more content and even a simple on-line video editor so users can remix the content as they see fit.

Asked how BBC producers feel about having their content ‘mashed up’, Gerhard replied “We try not to use that word … we prefer to call it personalization”, which got a big laugh from the room of mostly public broadcasters.

This project has required some interesting rights negotiations, and BBC is using its a purpose built rights agreement based in large part on the Creative Commons license.

It is an 18 month pilot project, exploring ways of getting BBC archive content online. It is billed a public service for the UK public, and is currently only available to people in the UK, or who can spoof a UK location. I asked Gerhardt if the intent is to open this up to the rest of the world, he said that once the trail period is over, and if BBC decides to move forward with it, the intention is to partner to bring the archive to the rest of the world.

For more on the license and the project, go here.

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