Tom Bihn still makes the best bags

I’ve been talking about Tom Bihn bags for years.

I originally got one of Tom’s bags in 1999 because I was looking for a back-pack-type bag that could carry a multimedia laptop and some audio gear. C. William Smith from CBC and a bunch of us were working on the ‘radio in a backpack’ idea and we needed the perfect backpack for the job.

There were loads of book bags and back-country bags, but nothing that combined the protection needed and the form factor.

While doing yet another web search (this is 1999 remember) I discovered Tom’s Brain Bag .

It absolutely did the trick (and still does). Mine has at least 300,000 airmiles on it and looks as good as new.

Over the years I’ve bought other bags for specific bits of gear, and they just WORK. Only the best materials, fasteners and shoulder straps.

Today, my new Buzz bag arrived. It’s going to be my podcast bag, and I’m thrilled to discover it is exactly right for the job.

It’ll hold my digital IC recorder, a couple of mics, and assorted stuff that I inevitably need. The great thing is I can set up my gear, keep it in the bag, wear the bag, and still have my hands free. And I love the iPod holder on the strap.

Tom’s just down the way in Port Angeles and he’s also got a store in Seattle. I’ve only ever bought my stuff via the web.

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