Meter Reader Redux

Back on the 1st of October I blogged about a letter I got from my local natural gas company, Terasen.

I was ticked off because of a form letter I got regarding the meter reader having trouble getting to the meter.

Friday, Oct 14th, I got a call from a person who manages the meter readers. Apparently someone at Terasen gas saw the blog, which prompted Friday’s phone call.

The short story is that they plan to change their ‘form letter’ to include contact information, and there will be a revisit to my house to look into the meter reading ‘problem’.

It is true the meter is hidden behind this tree:

meter behind this tree

So, anyone trying to get to the meter by going to the left side of the tree is going to have problems. But the right side provides easy access.

go this way, not that way

here's the meter

I must say I’m totally impressed with the follow up – we’ll see what happens when the meter reader returns. I suggested he/she let me know when they are coming and we can both have a look.

Since everyone I’ve solicited in my informal focus group ( my kids, my neighbours and even passers-by) have been able to read the meter, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for a professional to do the same.

One thought on “Meter Reader Redux”

  1. Maybe you can post your meter picture on your blog once a month and Terasen can “Read” it online… Or a webcam on the side of your house focused on the meter so we can watch the numbers tick by, and know if you’re running your dryer…

    The power of the blog! You’ve got to love it!

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