Jim Lynch and The Highest Tide

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One of the things we’re doing at At Large Media is custom podcast production. One of the companies we’re working with is Raincoast Books based in Vancouver.

Last week we produced a podcast with author Jim Lynch. He’s written a wonderful novel called The Highest Tide, which has been getting great reviews.

The Highest Tide tells the story of thirteen-year-old Miles O’Malley who lives on Puget Sound and knows everything there is to know about the sea and its creatures. When he becomes the first person to sight a live giant squid he is hailed as some sort of prophet. The media descend and everyone wants to hear what Miles has to say. But Miles is just a self-described “increasingly horny, speed-reading thirteen-year-old insomniac” who navigates the mysterious world of adults as the strange events continue over the summer, culminating in the highest tide in 100 years.

Jim was in Vancouver for the Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival. I met him at Granville Island where he was staying, and we headed down to the water to create the podcast.

Our podcast productions are all broadcast quality and done ‘on location’. I carry one jam packed gear bag with the latest integrated chip recorders and a variety of mics. Part of our philosophy is to go to where the person is, rather than force them into a foreign environment like a studio. We sat out by the water and Jim talked about the book, his background as a journalist, and what inspired him to tell this story.

You can hear an excerpt here. I’ll post the link to the full podcast once it’s released.

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