Customer of the Week

Claim to fame – I was the “customer of the week” at my local Starbucks in Edgemont Village. Interestingly, my “week” lasted almost 15 days, and since then, they seem to have been unable to proclaim another COTW. Most of my friends figured I was getting free coffee the entire time – not so. The COTW gets 1, count ’em, ONE free coffee out of the deal.

One of the great things about living up here on the ravine – wildlife. Sure we’ve got the obvious black bears, racoons, skunks, etc. But I’m digging the woodpeckers these days. Lately we’ve got a pair of them hammering away at the top of the light standard across the street. It makes a great sound, you can hear it all over the neighbourhood (I’ll try to get it for a podcast). I thought they were just too stupid to know it wasn’t a tree they were hammering on, but apparently they’re just trying to get a date ! I have a cousin in Kamloops who’s house was a favourite target for local woodpeckers. This is apparently quite a common problem. Who knew ?

We’re moving larger and larger files all the time. Many of our clients run into issues with their internal systems, so we’ve started using I’ve never been all that comfortable moving anything that’s sensitive over third-party servers, but for big graphic and audio files it’s awesome.


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