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Jobs For Tough Times

One thing about tough economic times, you’ve really got to open your mind to new and different opportunities.

Fortunately, tough economic times tend to surface loads of off-the-beaten-track jobs, just there for the taking. What ever would we do without the internet…

When Times Get Tough, The Rich Call the Butler

Forget about trying to become a millionaire – learn how to serve one.

If you’re Canadian, apparently your butlering skills are highly in demand with the world’s rich and elite.

The web site is a bit short on detail and long on hyperbole, but a career as a butler, serving the rich and famous, might be just for you.

Makes deciding on what to wear in the morning a piece of cake.


When Times Get Tough, More People are Walking

And those people need shoes.

Shoe Warehouse heads its Craigslist ad with “Looming Recession Got You Thinking?”.

Your answer might be “Sure, but not about shoes”.

But remember – tough times means opening yourself up to new opportunities. But be warned, one of the main job requirements is “MUST be able to take direction and complete tasks within a specified time frame”.

Hmmm. I always thought that’s what JOB meant ?

When Times Get Tough, Head to the Bar

If I had known I could buy a pub for less than the price of a house in Vancouver, I’d have so been there.

Who knew ? I think I’d be great behind one of those long hardwood bars, drawing a nice dark ale for the locals and maybe leading in a few great Canadian drinking songs.

Those of you who know me, know how right this would be.

When Times Get Tough, Aim for a Unique Job

Baby Associate, Diener, or any one of these 37 occupations.

When Times Get Tough, You Can Always Count on Bad News

CTV just laid off over a hundred people, but CBC’s hiring.

Not only that, they’re looking to fill a fresh new vacancy. After just over a year in the job, John Cruikshank is leaving as head of news. He’s been appointed publisher of the Toronto Star starting Jan 1.

If managing a bunch of hard-core journalists and bossing Peter Mansbridge around doesn’t do it for you, there are 42 other jobs open at CBC as of today, so take your pick.