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Go Figure for Aug 27

  • Just how much traction has the organic food movement developed ? Apparently enough to attract Blueberry Hijackers.
  • Ever wonder why you keep getting so much spam ? You’d think those spammers would call it a day considering we throw all their stuff in the junk heap. Or do we ?
  • When times get tough, the rich go shopping. At Cosco.
  • Shopping for high end clothes will never be the same, now that Wallace and Gromit are on the case.
  • And they claim the cows are mad ? This loony British farmer crossed the Bering Straits in his Land Rover.
  • Still on that side of the pond… with the price of feed what it is, this makes total sense. I think. Tiny Household Cows.
  • I’m totally bummed about this cancellation, and I know my friend Dave T was looking forward to it as well. Apparently Nuns on the Catwalk won’t be happening after all.