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Speaking at Bridging Media

Monique Trottier has kindly invited me to be on a panel at  Bridging Media, a one day conference March 29th in Vancouver.

The idea is to try to bring ‘traditional’ media and ‘new’ media a little closer to one-another:

Bridging media is an event designed to open the channels of communication between the broadcast and digital media communities. We aim to increase an understanding of our respective industries and strengthen our approach to building multi-platform projects.

So far, the attendance list seems to be weighted pretty heavily on the digital media side – so if you’re in the broadcast sector, you might want to check out the list of sessions.

The goals of the conference are:

  • Help to open the communication between the broadcast and digital communities.
  • Find solutions to the misunderstanding between our communities and processes.
  • Work together and strengthen our future projects.

One of the gaps between the two you don’t need to spend a day at a conference to figure out is this one. Weekends.

The conference is on a Saturday, and it’s no surprise there aren’t any broadcasters on the organizing committee.

The digital sector may relish working 24.7 but broadcast’s A-team is strictly a Monday through Friday crowd. Weekends are for Whistler or the Gulf Islands. Chances of them giving up their Saturday for something work-related are super slim.