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10 Great Things About Prorogation

It’s time to use some glass-half-full logic on this one, ’cause everyone’s talking about it.

Here are, Ten Great Things About Prorogation:

  1. No pithy clips from Question Period on the news
  2. Less junk mail from my Member in Ottawa
  3. Reruns of old versions of The House with Jason Moscovitch
  4. Conservative Store can sell ‘Just Say No to Socialists and Separatists’ merch just in time for Christmas
  5. Finally some room in business class on flights to Ottawa
  6. Honourable Members free to go on even longer shopping sprees
  7. Governor General ticks off one more task on To Do List
  8. Coalition can get a funky logo and theme song made
  9. Steven Harper finally has time to get a picture showing right side of face for website
  10. During break, some clever MP can write “Governing for Dummies”