Photobooth Shoots Mirror Image

I’ve never noticed this until now. When I take a picture with the Photo Booth app using the built-in camera on my MacBook Pro, I get a mirror image capture.

Huh? I checked to see if I had set some ‘effect’ in Photo Booth but no, it’s set to normal. Why am I getting a mirror image instead of a regular photo ? Do all MacBook’s do this ?

2 thoughts on “Photobooth Shoots Mirror Image”

  1. They all do that. I think because it is meant to be a “beginner” application and if you *don’t* mirror things people are disconcerted. Also people are very unlikely to be capturing text with the photobooth application.

    there was/is a plug-in to ichat that allows you to turn off the mirror function. Perhaps that will be available in the next iteration of photo booth. So you can do more impromptu product placements for cinosanaP.


  2. There you go. It’s weird that I never noticed this until today. But like you say, not usually capturing text. So I guess in a pinch, I could shave with it…


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