Did CUPE use Non-Union Puppeteers ?

The City of Vancouver is going back to the table with striking workers. But the real question of the day – Did CUPE use non-union puppeteers ? I think so…

At Library Square, CUPE put on a puppet show, featuring a fantasy tale about a farmer named Sam and how he learned to negotiate. Sporting hand puppets, union members like Marya Gadison, put on a funny play based on the children’s book “Click-clack-moo” (via News 1130)


I think CUPE should brace itself for a call from Union Internationale de la Marionnette.

2 thoughts on “Did CUPE use Non-Union Puppeteers ?”

  1. Please differentiate between the 3 CUPE unions still currently on strike with the City of Vancouver.

    CUPE 391 is the Vancouver library workers… who staged the puppet shows and many other events at “Word on the Strike”

    CUPE 15 is the Vancouver city inside workers
    CUPE 1004 is the Vancouver city outside workers.

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