Barter for Beer

Since we bought the sailboat I’ve been cruising Craigslist to pick up a few things – mostly extra PFD’s for guests and the odd bit gear.

It’s been my newest fun read – some of the ads are hilarious and some are downright brilliant.  Like this one in the barter section:

Date: 2007-06-14, 5:23PM PDT

I have 18 ice cold Molson Canadians that have been given to me because i gave them a dog crate. Now I’m a huge Canadian fan and i’m perfectly willing to sit down and drink them but my buddy(starting to wonder) wants to know what i can trade them for. So, any offers. Of course you must be of legal drinking age.

Once again, the power of the internet put to some good use.  I hope Molson guy posts an update to let us all know how he makes out.