Boats and Web Sites

I’ve been remiss in posting – busy launching a new web site and a new (old) sailboat.

The web site is for Capers Community Markets and should go went live today in the next couple of days.

The boat’s a lovely old Catalina 22 swing keel that’s currently on a trailer in the driveway as I clean up some of the electrical (well, all of it actually) in preparation for a summer on Georgia Straight.


The interesting thing is Ozzie has taken a real liking to the little plastic boat. He’s been exploring every nook an cranny and climbs the step ladder to join me as I putter around below. He’s been quite attentive as Garnet explains all the “parts of a boat” to him.


The boys and I have hatched a plan to take Ozzie out for a sail after we put the boat in the water next week.

Oh, and special thanks to the guys at Martin Marine in North Vancouver for the patience helping me figure out how to get the boat ship shape.

Next stop will be the chandlery to see if we can find a cat PFD. Safety First!

Oh (again). I you have a little six foot dinghy you’d like to sell, let me know.