Katy Hutchinson Documentary on CBC

On Thursday February 22, CBC will be airing the premiere of the Dreamfilm Productions documentary “Embracing Bob’s Killer”.

embracing bob’s killer
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It’s Katy Hutchinson’s amazing story. If you haven’t heard the podcast we did with Katy, get the download options here.

One thought on “Katy Hutchinson Documentary on CBC”

  1. I am the Director of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice – we sponsor a Capital Case Defense Seminar each year to help prepare criminal defense attorneys to represent individuals accused of a capital crime. We are strong advocates against the death penalty.

    I read your book “Walking After Midnight” and I am very much interested in learning if this film “Embracing Bob’s Killer” is available for purchase for showing (at no cost) to our seminar attendees next year. Approximately 1,500 criminal defense attorneys attend our seminar each year.

    Any information you can provide to me in this regard would be appreciated.
    Thank you. Gail Jones/CACJ Administrative Director

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