Get a Direct Hit of Art

Ever since we developed the first music sharing sites at CBC six years ago, I’ve been intrigued by how the role of ‘host’ or ‘presenter’ or ‘publisher’ will change over the next decade.

As more tools allow more people to share their muse on an equal footing, the route to fame if not fortune is also bound to change. Its also great to see an established name get in on the act to facilitate, not control, that experience.

That’s what the Saatchi Gallery is doing with their new student art site STUART.

via Technewsworld

Since Stuart (shorthand for ‘student art’) went online last month, some 1,300 students have created Web pages there. No one vets the quality or style of the art. With dealers and collectors scouring student shows for undiscovered talent and students hunting for dealers to represent them, Stuart has tapped a vein that can’t stop gushing.

Ride and Drive in Style Burton Snowboard Flash Memory

I ride a 2005 era Nitro Darkhouse board that I bought at SecondWave, but I love my Burton boots and bindings. For my foot shape, the Burton boots fit just right and I’ve never had such a comfortable ride. I’m using Freeride bindings this year and I like them a lot – though Matthew’s been bugging me to try his Flows.

In any case, if you’re a a Burton board fan you might want to check out these nifty new Flash drives. Not sure if you can get them in Canada yet, but I’m sure they’ll show up soon.

Burton SnowDrive USB memory:

ACP-EP Memory has teamed up with the best snowboard companies in the industry to create the first and only authentic USB Flash Drive Snow boards. We’ve combined this innovative design with the graphics from actual Burton Snow boards like their legendary versatile Custom Model and the most technologically refined, all-terrain Vapor Model.

Drives up to 2 gig.

Snowing On Cypress

A bit of a blizzard up top on Cypress this morning. 

Great riding in fresh granular powder with lots of drifts.  I could do without the horizontal ice pellets hitting me on the face, but a small price to pay for the ride.

cypress snow

I’m not as grumpy as I look – just a bit wet.

robert at cypress