Nonsense and Nonsensibility – CES and MacWorld

The massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always a hype-fest for cool new gear. This year, there were 140,000 delegates there (yes, 140K) so the blogosphere is overflowing with foaming-at-the-mouth-gear-heads raving about the latest piece of kit (I’m just jealous because I wasn’t there this year).
One refreshing exception from all the hyperbole is Katie Fehrenbacher’s Top 5 Trends at CES article in GigaOm.

Meanwhile, up in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at MacWorld. This can’t even be considered a trade show, it’s a cult-gathering-PR-fest for all things Apple.

Since the world-changing iPhone won’t be available for six months in the US (and who knows how long, if ever, and how much, in Canada) Apple fans are satisfying their lust for the latest shiney-and-easy-to-scratch, non-replaceable-battery device from Apple, by making cardboard mockups of the thing. I’m thinking that for the price of an Exacto knife and some glossy paper, I could be toting my own iPhone any day now. Make your own with a this PDF from the iPhone countdown site.

By far my favourite MacWorld piece is from Violet Blue and her article – How To Seduce a Mac Geek. She’s got follow-ups on her blog Tiny Nibbles.