Rich Googler a Real Canadian

We Canadians aren’t known for our extravagant behaviour. Even when we’re loaded with money, we still party like it’s 1954.

Somehow it’s endearing, isn’t it ?

Take for example David Cheriton who became a billionaire after investing in Google. via Canadian Business online

..his lifestyle hasn’t changed much. He’s lived in the same house since 1981 and he owns two modest vehicles — a 1986 Volkswagen van and a 1993 Honda Accord. Campus parking for the frugal billionaire remains a problem, though: “I still don’t have a permit.”

Despite resisting the temptation to spring for the $75.00 a month parking pass, he recently gave the University of Waterloo a donation of 25-million dollars in Google stock after realizing that “it wasn’t something that was going to land me in the poor house”.

Dave, you’re making us all proud up here, eh.

One thought on “Rich Googler a Real Canadian”

  1. Well he spent $5 millon (usd) on 3 condo’s in Maui, Hawaii.
    With $1.5 billion being cheap (especially where his old family, four kids, are concerned)is not a quality to be admired. And while his donation to the University of Waterloo is great it only represented about 0.02% of his overall wealth. Most “regular canadians” give away (as a percentage of their overall wealth) far more than this billionaire.

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