Warm Clothes Needed by Union Gospel Mission

It takes about 10 minutes to go through your closet and find all the old sweaters and warm clothes you no longer need.  How ’bout that sock drawer ?  The snow and cold may be pretty, but not if you’re living out there. 

Put the stuff in a bag, jump into the SUV and head over to UGM at 616 E. Cordova.  You’ll find a lot of very thankful people there. 

The Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver urgently needs warm winter coats, boots, and blankets.

Over the weekend, UGM gave away hundreds of blankets and coats, and people will continue to come to UGM for winter clothing while this cold weather lasts. UGM is in desperate need of warm winter coats, boots, and blankets to give out to those in need.

Please drop off your donations to:
616 East Cordova
Vancouver, BC
** Please mark your bags and boxes with “Warm clothing/ blankets”

One thought on “Warm Clothes Needed by Union Gospel Mission”

  1. Hi,
    I am disabled and don’t have alot of money but I know how it feels to be cold. I live in the Rochester NY area. I have left over yarn and know my church brothers and sister must have some too. I now am making scarves and have been emailing people trying to find where I could use this talent to help others? I have been praying and God has told me that I am talented and this talent he gave me could help someone else out. I can make blankets but scarves take so much less time. Does anyone have a good suggestion for me. I am sometimes bed ridden and it helps to make something to be distracted from my pain. I know that the church I attend would be willing to help me with materials and maybe inspire others to make their own warm things. I just don’t know what God wants me to do. Where he wants me to deliver these warm things too or who? Any suggestions?

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