CBC.CA Finally Finds the Perfect Design ?

Ok. Fess up. Who broke CBC.CA ? Huh ? Huh ?

NOTE: CBC.ca is experiencing technical difficulties, and we’re currently working to restore the site to normal. Until that happens, in an effort to offer a basic level of service, we are providing this scaled-back version of the site, featuring today’s top news stories. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope to have the site back to normal soon.

Actually, the ‘scaled back’ version of CBC.CA is delightfully easier to use than the real thing.

I say if this is broken, don’t fix it !

cbc ca, this is broken?

One thought on “CBC.CA Finally Finds the Perfect Design ?”

  1. I despair hearing of the frequent pedestrian fatalities. I attribute a lot of them to the habit of people wearing dark clothing. This is deadly at night. My suggestion is that some kind of reflective piece of clothing be made that reflects headlights or street lights so the pedestrians are visible. As A driver I have found jay walkers in the middle of 4 lane roads and I have only seen them at the last minute. If they had worn a head band, a scarf, a sash like Britain produces, the chance of visibity would increse . Joggers and cyclists wear clothing that addresses this issue. Maybe we could have a CBC toque, headband, sash, safety fund raiser. Maybe a strobe light for walking at night like a cyclist wears, attached to a collar or hood. Canadians are conservative so it has to be cool.


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