How Long Does It Take Shaw to Agree to Make It Right ?

52 minutes, 3 customer service reps, and insisting on talking to a supervisor. That’s how long.

Shaw finally agreed to send someone to my house to restore my phone jacks to the way they were before they messed around with them. At the 47 minute mark of my call with customer service, we were still in the ‘we’ll have to speak to the installers and get back to you’ stage, so I pushed back and asked to get a supervisor on the phone.
They’re coming to make things right next week. I’ll keep you posted. All in all, my foray into Shaw’s digital phone was pretty disasterous and cost me a whole lot of time.

I really find it incredible that companies can still operate on this model of treating customers with so little care.

Just as an aside, who’s the brilliant person who came up with Shaw’s ‘phone on hold adverts’ that brag about their great customer service, WHILE YOU’RE ON HOLD waiting for a person to actually help you?

It is unbelievably annoying, particularly after you’ve heard the ad for the 30th time as you wait. It would be much better if instead they apologized for the inability of their customer service reps to actual provide customer service in a timely manner.

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  1. After all that, i just couldn’t stand it anymore, so I decided to fix it myself.

    Turns out the Shaw installer actually disconnected my 2nd phone line at the junction box. There was absolutely no reason to do this, and oddly , he only disconnected one of the 2 outlets – the other one was working fine (as I had mentioned).

    I had the courtesy to call them today to cancel my planned ‘service call’ tomorrow.

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