CBC Chair – another one bites the dust

Guy Fornier

It’s almost exactly a year ago that CBC got handed a new chair of the board, filling the position left open after the charming and talented (and CBC’s breath of fresh air) Carole Taylor resigned to go into provincial politics.

I first blogged about Guy Fournier back on Sept 9th 2005, the day after his appointement.

At the time the corp was embroiled in a lock-out, and some people even thought he would rush in and save the day.

Too bad the government that appointed him didn’t bother asking his opinions on say, the Lebanese community, or maybe his thoughts on going to the bathroom. 

Oh wait, no need, he’s been telling everyone all on his own. 

Today, Mr. Fournier was forced to resign over his remarks (more in this Reuters story).

Mr. Fournier lasted 1 year and 11 days in the job. 

(This whole story makes this somehow even funnier, and it was pretty funny to begin with)