Fax Gets Networked

I might have to get one of these.

As a super-wired-small-business owner, I’m surprised at how often I still need to use a fax machine.

The paper goes into the project binder, but I sure like having electronic copies of everything, and it sure would be nice not to have hard copy unless absolutely necessary.

And I admit it. I tend to ignore the fax machine.

For one thing, it’s in the far corner of the room. Email gets my attention – but paper ?

inquote This is a fax machine with an Ethernet port. It walks, talks, and breathes like a fax machine over phone lines, but it can also “fax” via email…and can send incoming faxes directly to email.
full story here

So, this could well be the answer. I think I better get one…

2 thoughts on “Fax Gets Networked”

  1. I use MyFax.com — love it. There’s really only one time when I need to “use paper” and that’s when I have to sign my name on a contract and fax it back.

    Solved that problem last month by scanning my signature, then making a “signature field” in Adobe Acrobat. Now I digitally sign the document (it still looks like my sig) and email it back.


  2. I’ve used various types of fax programs – but I find using my scanner to input paper really tedious and labour intensive. Years ago I tried to get a sheet feeder for my scanner, but no luck. So for me, the benefits of having an actual fax device are still pretty high. As I say, I’m surprised at how often I need to use it for clients, accountants, banks etc. I don’t really mind the cost of the fax line, I used smart-ring on my landline which is cheap.

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