Podcast with Anthony Bourdain

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend the day with author/chef Anthony Bourdain.

He’s best known for his book Kitchen Confidential and his TV show, No Reservations. 

Anthony was in Vancouver to promote his new book, The Nasty Bits (it’s great by the way) and I got to tag along as he did his media interviews and book signings.

He wore a wireless mic so I could informally interview him while we ran the blitz that is a media interview day for an author on the book tour. 

This is going to be a 3 part series, with another podcast in a week, and the 3rd a week after that.

It way too much fun to do, and I think the results are pretty great.

You can get it from the Raincoast Books RSS feed at:


anthony bourdain at CKNW


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