How to get into the Wall Street Journal

It would be great to think the Wall Street Journal picked up on some pithy comment or earth-shattering insight made here on

Turns out  my post about using a power washer to blast dandelions, and a neighbourhood friend, are my path to WSJ fame.

Here’s what happened.

Last weekend I noticed a ton of hits on the blog coming from the Wall Street Journal.  I don’t subscribe to their pay site, so I wasn’t able to follow the link back to see why I was suddenly getting all this traffic from 

Turns out my friend Keith Gardiner had commented on one of their articles about pesticide free lawn care, and suggested that “anything that gives a guy a chance to use his power-washer can’t be all bad” and tipping them to my post about blasting my front yard dandelions. They ran his comment and a link to my blog entry. 

See mom, this blogging thing isn’t a waste of time.

(actually, that’s a bit unfair.  My mom proudly tells everyone I have a ‘blob’)



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  2. Wendy Bounds of the WSJ also did an article back in October on pesticide free lawn weeding and it turns out that her favorite tool was the “Dandelion Terminator”

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