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mackie timer

My wrists are saved. 

I’ve been using Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit 1.0 and over the years have used a variety of hardware controllers to varying degrees of dissatisfaction.


mackie in situ


After a bit of a wait because of back orders, Craig from Oakwood delivered my Mackie Control Universal, which now takes up what little desktop space I still had left.

Ten minutes after plugging it in, the Mackie was working flawlessly with Audition, giving me tactile transport control, flying faders on all channels, assignable eq and pan knobs, and 35 other pre-set buttons right out of the box.  Among other things, this will eliminate the tedious and frustrating mouse work when doing complicated mixes (which mine tend to be), using faders and ‘write’ mode so that my mixes are saved on the fly.

But what makes this Mackie unit a real winner is that it is equally at home controlling other software I own and use constantly: Reason and Final Cut Pro, as well as 16 other industry standard software packages I don’t currently own. 

One controller, many applications.  Those wacky Mackie folks do it again.


mackie full on

I can’t wait to get started on the next podcast for Raincoast, LEBC and soon Capers. Now I just need a bigger desk.