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Podcast with JER Envirotech

I’ve just posted a new podcast with Edward Trueman, President and CEO of JER Envirotech in Delta BC.

JER Envirotech is a British Columbia company at the forefront of new technology that’s changing the thermoplastics industry and helping the environment at the same time. When JER Envirotech was first founded ten years ago, the goal was to find a way to use organic materials in thermoplastics.

The idea was simple – instead of sending waste wood to the landfill or burning rice hulls – why not make use of these products by combining them with polymers to create a new kind of thermoplastic.

While the idea may have been simple, the science is not. With help from the National Research Council of Canada, JER Thermoplastics has been able to find a way to do it.

Podcast is on the At Large Media web site here.

It’s also on VanGoGreen.com here