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Cuba, You’re Better Off Without Them

I finally got around to sending two of my wireless mic/transmitters in for repair.

I have had these two Comtek rigs sitting in a cupboard for a year – neither of them is very old or even used that much,  but they both went on the fritz and I’d literally shelved them in favour of buying vastly superior Lectrosonic gear (which is also much more expensive).

Not that the Comtek rigs were cheap by any stretch of the imagination, so given that they represented a substantial investment and were useless as is,  I finally decided to send them away to be fixed.

Comtek’s head office is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was very efficient in dealing with them. They fixed and sent them back within a couple of weeks (and almost 300 dollars USD in repair costs, plus shipping, plus brokerage fees).

The receipt that came with them caught my attention – not because of the dollar amount – but because of the reminder of the US of A’s embargo on Cuba and other countries…


And I couldn’t help but think:

“Cuba, you’ve got enough problems.  In this case, they’re actually doing you a favour.

Really.  You are much better off without this brand of American technology”