Work Life Balance Biggest Goal of 2007

Work-Life balance has come up a lot  the last while. Apparently, it’s also the #1 New Year resolution for 2007. Excerpt from the Reuters story: Striking a better balance between work and play, taking more exercise and avoiding disastrous relationships top resolution lists around the world this New Year. Global research group ACNielsen surveyed consumers … Continue reading Work Life Balance Biggest Goal of 2007

Work Life Balance

I’ve been reading quite a bit about work/life balance lately. It seems to be a hot topic. So I decided I should track my day (today). It turned out like this. I could certainly use some more thinking time, but all in all, no complaints.

"Extreme Job" or Just a Workaholic ?

Our recent panel discussion on Work-Life balance sparked a lot of interesting discussion. This story in the Christian Science Monitor looks at what they call Extreme Jobs… Although workaholics have always existed, their image has been glamorized. Today’s overachievers are cast as “road warriors and masters of the universe,” says Sylvia Ann Hewlett, president of … Continue reading "Extreme Job" or Just a Workaholic ?