3 thoughts on “My RSS reader – netnewsreader …”

  1. Have you tried downloading NetNewsWire’s latest version (3.2.7)? Their Ranchero blog mentioned something about Google Reader making some changes which would mean the older versions would no longer be supported?


    Although still ‘free’, there’s now an ad in the bottom left window which will apparently disappear if/when you buy NNW, though it’s small enough not to be intrusive IMO.


    1. I actually am on the latest version. All’s well now – but thanks so much for your tip. The ads are fine – not a big deal considering it’s such a great piece of software.

  2. As a child, I listened (this was pre-Canadian content, and, in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, even pre-TV) for 15 minutes every weekday to SUPERMAN! On CKBW, our hometown radio station. (BY THE WAY, “CKBW” REALLY stands for C lark-K ent-B ruce-W ayne!

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