How Big is a Big Yacht? This Big


Archimedes is apparently one of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, #75 according to this website.

She was anchored in Mannion Bay, on Bowen Island, late this afternoon. I saw her pull in so I sailed over to get a couple of shots. Note the swimming pool on the upper aft deck. Nice touch.

The yacht has beautiful lines. And she’s big alright. Over 222 feet, and sports two, 2-thousand horsepower Caterpillar engines.

I wonder if they were heading over to the Eco-Shed ?

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5 thoughts on “How Big is a Big Yacht? This Big”

  1. Hey Robert!

    We are in Prince Rupert, having sailed up over the last month. Coming in yesterday we were overtaken by this big mother of a boat and in checking it out on the internet this morning, came across your page! How about that?

    The Archimedes is just as big here as it must have been in Mannion Bay. Very cool. I’m gonna get one! Especially now that I know it has a swimming pool on the top deck. Hard to get a good look up there from way down here.

    Only 100 million? A steal.

    Hi to Eileen. How the heck are you guys anyway?


  2. Currently, ‘Archimedes’ is in Ao Po Marina, east coast of Phuket, where she’s been for at least the last month or so. Beautiful boat, but never seems to leave the marina.

  3. I just saw the Arquimides in Puerto Natales Chile on January 2011. Does anyone know who the owner is?

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