The Beach House at Point no Point

point no point

These are HDR – it was quite dark inside the cook house.

I’m using Photoshop’s native Merge to HDR function and 3 bracketed shots on the Nikon D70.

Still getting the hang of this, but it’s loads of fun.

Larger versions of the top and bottom photos posted at Flickr.

point no point

2 thoughts on “The Beach House at Point no Point”

  1. Great photos of the beach pavilion at Point No Point! I’m wondering… do you have any photos of the other side (ie: right hand side while standing in the beach house looking at the water?)

    Friends have a home on that side and we’re wondering what it looks like from No Point beach!



  2. Hey, thanks.

    Do you the mean the house that’s up above the beach ? I don’t have any photos looking over that way – I tend to always be looking out to sea !


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