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A Simple Little Photo Gallery

For ages now I’ve been meaning to set up a simple web site to display photographs.

Last year I used a WordPress template to create this mostly photo site for my sailboat Madsu.

This time, I wanted something super simple.

I’ve been using Slide Show Pro for a while now. It’s real strength comes when you combine it with Slide Show Pro Director, which is a content management system. I use it on the main page of this blog, but also for client sites where I need a rotating banner that’s going to get changed often.  Adding new images to the slide show is simply a matter of uploading them to the CMS, and nothing needs to be changed on the website itself.

For this little gallery called I Love North Shore, I’m also using the Thumbgrid for navigation.


biovia Website Launch


It’s been great working with the gang at biovia this spring.

Today we launched their new website…

biovia is a Vancouver-based wholesale distributor specializing in local + organic produce including fruit, vegetables, herbs, micro and leafy field greens and eggs. We deliver to the foodservice industry throughout the Vancouver, sea to sky corridor and Whistler regions. We place the highest priority on purchasing locally.

The idea is for the biovia team to manage the site themselves, so the site is built using WordPress as the CMS, with Slide Show Pro handling the flash banners on the home page.

This is the first phase of an on-going online project with biovia and I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold. They’re the nicest people.

With any luck they’ll let me ride in the truck one day.

Down for the Count with Leopard

Trick or Treat – it’s Leopard !


Here’s what’s borked on my Mac with the Leopard upgrade (that I’m aware of) :

  • Some Flash upload sites – I use Slide Show Pro’s cms (which is awesome) and it uses a Flash interface to upload photos. That function stops working with Leopard. Work around is FTP (which dulls the convenience of a CMS somewhat) or using Windows. Adobe doesn’t mention anything on their site about issues with Flash, but the SSP folks say Adobe is aware of the problem.
  • Almost all my Alien Skin PhotoShop plug ins. No work around, crashes PS if you try to apply the filter. Alien Skin claims it’ll be December before they fix. Damn, no more goofy Gel Filters for a while.
  • AutoFX stand-alone, the apps don’t even launch. The plug-ins never worked with CS3 on Tiger so maybe they’ll fix the lot, but then again, maybe not. No mention on their web site.

There’s a very thorough review of Leopard on Ars Technica and couldn’t agree more with their review of the changes to the interface.