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Podcast | Wireless Meets Digital at DigiBC Showcase

It’s not every day you get to hear insights from a world-famous blogger, leaders in the phone and wireless industry, game developer and a digital entrepreneur – all in the same room, all at the same time.

On February 25th in Vancouver, DigiBC presented a full day of conversations featuring an international group of thought leaders and innovators, part of the VX Conversations series.

In all there were five sessions presented at the BC Showcase Centre at Robson Square, and I recorded them for DigiBC’s website

This session is titled Wireless Meets Digital, and featured:

  • Robert Scoble, author & blogger, Scobleizer
  • Chris Langdon, VP, Network Services, Telus
  • Saul Orbach, Founder, COO at Aguru Images, Inc.
  • Doug Whatley, CEO of Breakaway
  • Gregg Sauter, Director, Global Head of Media Partnerships and Content Publishing at Nokia

The conversation was moderated by DigiBC‘s Michael Bidu, who posed the first question to Robert Scoble…


runs 26:21

Other sessions in the series included:

Collaboration Meets Innnovation
Medicine Meets Mobile
Entertainment Meets VFX/3D
Vancouver Meets the World

Podcast – John Ralson Saul

“We start to accept that ridiculous language in which citizens are referred to by politicians and administrators as clients.

We’re not clients of government.

We own the government, it’s our government.

There isn’t a single thing of government which we don’t own, how could we be clients ?

And we aren’t buying shoes, we’re talking about the rights of citizens within their own society.

We’re not stakeholders, we’re citizens.”

– John Ralston Saul, speaking at the PLAN 20th Anniversary evening at Christ’s Church Cathedral in Vancouver, November 20, 2009.


John Ralston Saul is an award winning novelist and essayist, and one of Canada’s most outspoken champions of freedom of expression.

His most recent book is called The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World. It’s just the latest in a series of best selling works that have been translated into 22 languages and sold in over 30 countries. Earlier this year he become the first Canadian to elected president of International PEN, the association of writers devoted to defending freedom of expression.

John is also the patron of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network), and he was the featured guest speaker at PLAN’s recent 20th Anniversary celebration in Vancouver.

I was asked to record the evening, and you now can hear the John’s keynote on the website, or listen to it here.


Podcast with Peter Block and John McKnight


I recently had the opportunity to interview John McKnight and Peter Block – the first time these two men have been interviewed together.

The interview was done for and PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship, and was released this week as part of the newly revamped Tyze website, which also features video content I created for

These two men are known around the world for their work in community development and citizenship empowerment. Having the opportunity to meet with them was extra exciting for me. When I was first started out as a consultant, Peter Block’s book Flawless Consulting was in invaluable resource – and I return to it when I’m finding challenges in my work.

Here’s the podcast created for Tyze.

John McKnight’s landmark books on community development include Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets, and his series of articles collected in The Careless Society. He’s a professor of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University in Chicago, and co-chair of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern.

Peter Block is best known for his book Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, and is the author of number of other best selling books including Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest and The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work.

Peter’s most recent book Belonging: The Structure of Community, has been called “the most important intergenerational book of our time”.


Runs 19:05

For more on John McKnight’s work, visit the Asset-Based Community Development Institute website. You can also read more about his work on the Northwestern University website.

You can find out more about Peter Block’s work on his website.

New Podcast Series – BrainPicker

BrianPicker is a new podcast series I’ve started.

The idea is simple:  interviews with people who’s brains are worth picking, sparked by something they’ve Tweeted or posted on Facebook or other social networking site.   It isn’t brain surgery, just a quick chat with someone who’s fun and interesting.

Hear episode #1 now – featuring Vancouver actor and director Jay Brazeau.


The North Shore’s Edible Garden Advocate

Heather Johnstone runs the Edible Garden Project on Vancouver’s North Shore.

Just wrapping up its 4th year, the the project encourages residents to share their bounty with people in need, as well as putting together a variety of urban agriculture and community garden projects.

This week, Heather and team opened the Queen Mary Community Garden, located in the City of North Vancouver. Those of you who aren’t from the North Shore may not be aware that there is both City of North Vancouver, and a District of North Vancouver. Heather’s project involves both municipalities.

I spoke to Heather about the project and where things are going with urban agriculture on the North Shore. We met up at the Lower Lonsdale Community Garden…


Runs: 11:01

Podcast ISBN: 978-1-926758-03-9
photos and podcast © Robert Ouimet & Bigsnit Media 2009

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Good to Grow – Author Podcast

Author David Tracey has a new, 6-part series of articles about urban agriculture, currently running in the The Tyee.

The series is called Good to Grow: Raising Food in BC’s Cities.

I recently sat down with David to find out more about the series…

Runs: 11:08


podcast ISBN: 978-1-926758-02-2
podcast and photo © Bigsnit Media Consulting Inc.


Will That Be Cash or Trust ?

Spring Gillard and David Tracey have released the latest in their series of podcasts, Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

A bit of serendipity was involved with this one.

While on their way to interview Cam MacDonald in Mt. Pleasant, they passed a small corner store. Taking a peak inside they discovered a very unusual city corner store – packed with local products and oozing country charm.

It’s called the Home Grow-in Grocer, and it’s a place where trust trumps the credit card…

Runs 10:28


Podcast ISBN: 978-1-926758-01-5

photos and podcast © Robert Ouimet & Bigsnit Media 2009

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The Home Grow-In Grocer is at 196 West 18th in Vancouver.
The owner Colleen refers to in the interview is Deb Reynolds.

cross posted to VanGoGreen

Meet Cam MacDonald, Urban Farmer

Cam MacDonald is a new breed of farmer.

He has no land, and his farm is scattered around the city of Vancouver.

Cam is practising urban agriculture, using yards donated by people he and his partners have met, people who are interested in converting lawns into food producing gardens. No tractor or gas-spewing farm machinery here; Cam zips between his plots on an electric scooter.

He’s the subject of the latest podcast in a series I’m producing with writers Spring Gillard and David Tracey called Can Urban Agriculture Save the World ?

runs 14:42


Podcast ISBN: 978-1-926758-00-8

photos and podcast © Robert Ouimet & Bigsnit Media 2009

Cam MacDonald is also a professional artist – his latest work and exhibits have a food and food-supply related theme. You can see examples of his work on his website,

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Podcast – Urban Agriculture


I’ve started producing a series of podcasts about Urban Agriculture, hosted by Spring Gillard and David Tracey.  The series will run on Spring’s website,, as well as on  VanGoGreen.

We recorded the first in the series on Tuesday at the YWCA downtown’s roof garden.  It’s an interesting project, and all the food grown in the garden is taken to a women’s group on the downtown east side. You can read more about the rooftop garden / food project on the Y’s website.

Ted Cathcart runs the project, and he was kind enough to spend an hour with us explaining the project and discussing the challenges.

The podcast runs just over 18 minutes.


podcast and photo © Bigsnit Media Consulting Inc.
podcast ISBN 978-0-9809054-9-6


How Long Is Summer ?

The answer is simple.

Cruising with Madsu on a typical BC summer day.

It’s possible it gets better than this, but I doubt it

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A little reminder of what to expect (again) in just a few months.  And really just an excuse for me to futz with Final Cut Studio 2 which arrived this week.

Keep Clean and Green podcast posted

I’ve just posted a podcast with Munu Hicken-Gaberria on VanGoGreen.

Munu’s the guy behind a line of eco-friendly laundry products. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re sold in glass jars that are re-usable.

A successful businessman from the UK who fell in love with BC’s natural beauty, he’s doing his bit to try to help the environment. I think you’ll find him interesting and inspiring.  He’s based in Port Moody.

Podcast is here.

Podcast with JER Envirotech

I’ve just posted a new podcast with Edward Trueman, President and CEO of JER Envirotech in Delta BC.

JER Envirotech is a British Columbia company at the forefront of new technology that’s changing the thermoplastics industry and helping the environment at the same time. When JER Envirotech was first founded ten years ago, the goal was to find a way to use organic materials in thermoplastics.

The idea was simple – instead of sending waste wood to the landfill or burning rice hulls – why not make use of these products by combining them with polymers to create a new kind of thermoplastic.

While the idea may have been simple, the science is not. With help from the National Research Council of Canada, JER Thermoplastics has been able to find a way to do it.

Podcast is on the At Large Media web site here.

It’s also on here

Matt Mullenweg feature interview Podcast

In my heart I’m still a capitalist…the most powerful thing you can do is marry profit motives with community motives.

– open-source software creator and entrepreneur Matt Mullenweg

I’ve just posted the interview I did with Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, when he was in Vancouver for Northern Voice.

The podcast is on the At Large Media website.

The interview followed his keynote speech, which is also online here.

Special thanks to kk+ for helping arrange this.

Bridging Media podcasts of all panels

Just finished uploading the 4 podcasts of the 4 panel discussions at the first ever Bridging Media conference here in Vancouver.

It was nice to catch up with some old friends and be the 2nd oldest guy in the room (Schechter has me beat by a couple of years).

The podcasts are here on the At Large Media site – here’s the link to the 1st of the 4 and the others are linked out from there.

Chef Chris Whittaker podcast


I’ve just uploaded a podcast with Chris Whittaker, recorded at the Capers Whole Foods Market ‘Living Naturally Fair‘ last fall.

Chris is the Executive Chef at O’Doul’s Restaurant at The Listel Hotel in Vancouver’s west end.

This was part of a series of chef demonstrations at the outdoor festival – here Chris takes simple fresh ingredients and makes magic: Organic Beet Confit Salad with local Farmhouse Cheddar.

Get the podcast here.


Matt Mullenweg Keynote at Northern Voice

I’ve just posted the full audio presentation of Matt Mullenweg’s keynote address at Northern Voice in Vancouver this morning.

Matt’s the founder of WordPress, the blogging software that runs this web site and millions of others.

I’ll have a feature interview with Matt in podcast coming in the next few days, but in the meantime, wanted to give everyone a chance to hear his presentation in full.

It’s on my blog at At Large Media.

UPDATE: We’ve been getting a lot of traffic on our Vancouver server for the audio file (yippee) thanks to stumbleupon and Mr. Robert Scoble (thanks RS).

So, if you have any problems with the link above, you can try this version which is on a server in Toronto.


Matt Mullenweg photo by kk+ , Vancouver fashion photographer, used under CC license

Chris Mizzoni's Clancy With the Puck Podcast

Our latest podcast for Raincoast Books is with Chris Mizzoni. He’s an illustrator at Studio B Productions here in Vancouver and he wrote a lovely hockey story called Clancy with the Puck.

Chris is a graduate of Sheridan College.

The Raincoast podcast RSS feed is or if you’ve got iTunes installed, here’s the direct link to the Raincoast feed there.

Oh, and try saying Clancy With the Puck Podcast really fast 3 times…

Author Nathan Sellyn

We’re starting up the new season of podcasts for Raincoast Books with an amazing new young writer named Nathan Sellyn.

He’s still in his 20’s and creates characters that are gritty, flawed, and ever so real. Nathan’s first book is a collection of stories called Indigenous Beasts.  One of the benefits of doing the podcasts with Raincoast is that I get advance copies of the books, and this one I couldn’t put down.

We’ve got a short preview podcast out now, and a full length interview coming next week.

Subscribe to the podcast at

You can also get it for free at the iTunes store, just search ‘Raincoast’.

The book is also for sale at Chapters.Indigo and Amazon.

Cats and Studios


What happens when the cat decides to eat the script in the middle of a voice over.

Sequence of events:

– I’m reading an extro
– Ozzie (cat) attacks script
– I attempt to issue command to cat (a mistake)
– I resort to chasing cat (also a mistake)
– I bump mic (another mistake)
– Ozzie complains (who can blame him)
– I show him the door

Listen to the podcast

no cats were harmed in the making of this podcast