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Scuse Me

The sky’s looking a bit pissed off – some fast moving low cloud getting blown apart by a fairly strong wind blowing in the Straight of Georgia.

It was actually quite warm, despite the wind and speckles of rain.  Hopefully it’s snowing up on the local ski hills.


December Sunshine

The view astern as we head into the marina after an afternoon’s sailing in Howe Sound.

December is offering up some glorious weather which means that I’ve been able to get some great photos and video footage for a couple of my clients AND some lovely days on the water.

Since I’m keeping Madsu in the water this winter, I’m looking forward to some double-deluxe days when I snowboard Cypress Mountain (overlooking Howe Sound) in the morning then spend the afternoon sailing in Howe Sound.

English Bay Kicks it Up

English Bay went from almost completely calm to a full-on gale this afternoon.

As the front moved through we got some rain, hail and then glorious sunshine. Welcome to fall in Vancouver.

According to the weather office, right about this time the wind at Pt. Atkinson was W 33 gust 39 knots.  Out at the airport they had gusts to 42 knots – that’s almost 78 km/h.

Yacht Spotting

My little sailboat Madsu remains tucked away under a tarp next to my house for the winter.

I still can’t resist cruising the docks, looking at boats – a prairie boy who’s turned sea crazed.

This 198 foot beauty is called Méduse, and she was (and may still be) owned by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft and a fairly regular visitor to these parts.  She was hanging out at Lonsdale Quay when I was there on Monday (Feb 1).

I wonder if she’s here is here for the Olympics ?

That’s a lot of hull to keep sparkly clean.

UPDATE: A friend on Twitter tells me she’s now owned by the Washington family – they’re the people who own Cates tugs of North Vancouver – and the owners of these docks…so that makes some sense.

Olympic Fever

Olympic spirit is most definitely showing itself all over the city of Vancouver.

Even here in sleepy North Vancouver.

It’s true, we’re essentially just a pass-through community as people head either to Whistler or Cypress Mountain or Vancouver or Richmond for events, but still, we’re  jazzed.

I first noticed it on my first stop of the day for coffee.

And right up there on display with the commuter mugs, those red Olympic mittens – perfect for handling those hot beverages.

In my local ‘hood –  Edgemont Village –  all the merchants are sporting these  Go Canada Go posters.

And really, there’s no better way to welcome the torch than with a quick haircut…

Or even better, a bottle of wine…

Lots of people are making a fuss about the crass commercialization of the games.

But darn it, why didn’t I think of this.

Chocolate covered sea foam Inuksuit (that’s plural for Inuksuk by the way).

Truth be told, I prefer my Inukshuk with dark chocolate, but that’s just me…

Here’s a basket full of mascots.  And I mean full of mascots. There are 4 official mascots, not just one.

This one’s  Quatchi.

The other three are Sumi, Migi and Muk Muk.

Given the lack of snow at Cypress Mountain and the financial mess the ski resort at Whistler is in, they really get a fifth mascot.

One who can jury rig a fix up just in time for the games – might I suggest  MacGyver

By far the sleeper of all this Olympic merch (and there is plenty of it).

‘Cause nothing is more indicative of  winter sports in the lower mainland.

The Official Umbrella of the 2010 Games.

Finally, my favourite.

While organizers have been focusing on getting volunteers and community support for the games, they missed the obvious.

These guys at Contact Printing nailed it.

And just to bring the point home.

Let’s pull back a bit  so we can see those fantastic snow covered North Shore mountains.

Trucks, Dogs and Hair

A friend asked if I could help out by scanning in some of her family’s old slides – the output will be a DVD slide show for her siblings.

Since I’ve got the slide scanner out, I figured I’d do a few of my old negs, and I’m having way too much fun.

70’s Hair.

It’s the real thing – 1979, San Francisco


On that same trip, I spent tons of time hanging around the working docks at Fisherman’s Wharf.

It was a precursor (I guess) to what I’d end up doing when I finally moved to Vancouver. In any event, loved this boat.

As if the dogs aren’t enough to bring joy to your heart, check out that funky clock on the bulkhead.

All Dogs on Deck


One page later in the negatives binder, and we’re back in Manitoba. Home of the mighty…

Fargo Anywhere Truck


My late-ex-father-in-law Neil (that’s my ex-wife’s late dad if you’re trying to figure it out) gave me this old Fargo truck.

He worked for Trans-Canada Pipelines, and this truck worked the line for years before he bought it, drove it into the ground, then gave it to me. When I drove it the 90 miles from his house to mine, it went through 2 quarts of oil.  I know his neighbours were happy to see it go.

My dad rebuilt the motor and did his best to weld the body back into shape. I drove this thing everywhere and anywhere in Manitoba in the early 80’s, including to my job as the morning show host on CKWG-FM in Winnipeg – “Ouimet in the Morning”.

This is near Falcon Lake, Manitoba.